Proud Moment

Today was the Crossing Over ceremony in Chino’s school.  He was chosen to speak in behalf of the Grade 3 class.  Bong and I were there, naturally, together with Mama.  I wasn’t really nervous this time, compared to the Pagbigkas contest last year.  This was more relaxed, no worries.

When Chino went up the stage to deliver his speech, I saw that my little boy is not so little anymore.  In his place, there was a young man, about to enter Middle School, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.  I listened to him relive his experiences in the Primary School.  He said his piece well, much better than any of his previous practice sessions at home.

After his speech, Bong and I were congratulated by a lot of parents. They complimented Chino on his speech, as well as for being chosen as the representative of his batch.

No one could be more proud this morning than Bong and me.

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