Doctor or Mom?

I am a doctor.  I trained in one of the busiest hospitals around.  I am confident and I like being in charge.  When a patient comes to me, I like the feeling of being able to diagnose the problem and offer the appropriate treatment.  However, with my kids, I temporarily cease to be a doctor.  I am simply their mom.

After waking up from her nap this afternoon, Trixi just threw up everything she had for lunch.  She was fine before that so I was a little surprised.  All throughout the afternoon, she continued to throw up, became irritable and just sat on my lap and cried.   I felt so helpless.  I  took her temperature, gave her something for her headache, and gave her fluids for replacement.  That didn’t make her feel better.  So I held her close and  started singing softly to her. She eased up a bit and quieted down.  She was still in pain, I could see it in her eyes.  But she was better.  Mama trumps the doctor in this round.

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