A Parent’s Fear

While I was watching TV the other night, I got a call from Nini telling me about a Gr.4 Atenean, Amiel Alcantara, who died earlier that day in a car accident right inside the campus.  After the call, I felt so affected that even I was surprised by my reaction.  I thought that, as a doctor, I’ve faced death so many times that I am no longer jarred by it.  But this case was different.  I found myself thinking it could have easily been my son in front of that speeding van.  He passes that same road every schoolday.  I could not even begin to imagine the pain and anguish of Amiel’s parents.  Who would have thought that they would never have the chance to see him alive again after they saw him off to school that morning?

Before going to bed, I prayed like I never prayed before.  I called out to the guardian angels of my children, all the angels and saints, to St. Marie Eugenie, to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to please protect them everyday, especially when we are not with them.  As parents, we long to be around to shield our children from pain and suffering.  Unfortunately, we cannot always be there.  So we put our faith in the Lord, to protect them and to keep them, to hold them close and away from danger.


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