Movie Time

One idea that I got from Jerick’s family is Movie Time.  It’s a time we set aside every Saturday afternoon, when all of us gather in the living room and enjoy a video.  We take turns choosing what video to watch.  On other times, the kids watch videos on their own while Papa is at work or Mama is in the kitchen.  Late at night, Bong and I watch the movies we like.  But during Movie Time, everyone sits down to watch the designated movie.  

Trixi  eating popcorn

Trixi eating popcorn

Chino eating ice cream

Chino eating ice cream

Here’s what we chose in the last round:  Trixi got “Horton Hears A Who”, Chino chose “Speed Racer”, I got “Hook” and Bong went with “Space Chimps”. It’s one way to get the kids to watch something new.  Otherwise, they’re okay with watching Star Wars for the millionth time.  

I wonder how long Chino and Trixi will agree to have Movie Time with us.  I dread the day when they will choose to go out with their friends rather than watch a video with their parents.  I know it’s inevitable, but I hope it doesn’t come soon.  

In the meantime, I’m stocking up on child-friendly videos that we can all enjoy together.

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