Leisurely Lunch

This afternoon, I had lunch with some of my friends from college – Annabell, Joel and Jason (Bong joined us later).  We were classmates from INTARMED.  Bong and I see Annabell occasionally.  Joel, who is now based in Houston, comes over for a visit every 2 – 3 years.  Jason dropped out from med school after 3rd year proper and I haven’t seen him since.

We had a wonderful time reminiscing about our years in college, remembering the terror teachers that we had, wondering whatever happened to some of our classmates, and generally looking back with fondness at our shared experiences.  It is not very often that I get the chance to “just hang out” and I am glad that I did just that today.  The food at Florabel’s was good and the company was great.

I enjoy taking care of my children full-time, but I also need to have some time away from them. Time when I can relax and not worry about the kids not eating and talking too much.  Time when I can have an adult conversation not involving child care (the 3 of them are single).  Time when I can actually enjoy my meal and relish every bite.  After that, I can go back home to attend to my mommy duties.


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