Lazy Sunday

For most families, Sunday is the rest day.  Parents don’t have work and kids have no school.  But not for us.  Since last year, Bong and I hold clinic on Sundays.  Sometimes, the kids get to go with us, especially when there’s no one to watch them.

The day started out stormy. The wind was howling at 4 am.  The rains were battering against the windows.  Electricity was cut off around that time too.  We had no idea that storm signal number 3 had already been raised in the metro.  We were waiting for the weather to clear up, but the storm just wouldn’t die down.

So here we were, lazing around in the living room on a Sunday, watching a video.  I baked brownies for a yummy rainy day snack. It was great to just hang out and do nothing.  I wish there were more times like these.