My Valentines

Shortly before dinner on Valentine’s Eve, Chino asked me, “Mama, when are you going to cook?” I answered that I had already done the cooking while he was still on the way home from school. A little while later, he asked me, “Mama, are you going to get my rice for me?” I had no idea what this conversation was about so I asked him, “Would you rather get it yourself?” And he said, “No, just asking.” While I was heating dinner, he was standing there in the middle of the kitchen, humming and looking nonchalant. When he saw that I was about to get the rice, he hurriedly placed something beside the rice cooker and slipped away. It was the Valentine’s card he had made! He had given me cards on previous Valentine’s Days but this was the first time that he cooked up a gimmick before giving it to me 🙂

To complete my Valentine’s Day thrill, Bong gave me the phone that I had been planning to get. Come to think of it, he asked me the other day what color I wanted, but I thought nothing of it. I really did not expect to get the phone for Valentine’s. That’s what made it even sweeter 😉