Christmas Baking

For many years now, the Christmas season in our household, for me, is heralded not by putting up the tree or hearing Christmas carols being played, but by the aroma of freshly-baked food for the gods. Ever since I started giving these goodies away to our friends and family for Christmas, it has become a Yuletide tradition in our home. It would start with me preparing all the ingredients, bringing out the baking pans, and then baking several batches of food for the gods. Bong would be in charge of measuring out the baked products and carefully slicing them. He would also cut out the aluminum foil that I would need to wrap them. I would then wrap these in red and green cellophane, pack them neatly in their boxes then label them accordingly. For many years, it has been that way. But now that the kids are bigger, they want a more active role in this activity. After all, the food for the gods is a gift from our family, they say. So now, Chino is in charge of setting up the boxes and Trixi is in charge of putting the wrapped bars inside the boxes. Pretty soon, they can do the baking themselves. And then, I can relax!

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