Teacher Mama

I’ve embarked on a new career this week. I am now a teacher. I teach 3rd year High School Zoology. (For how long, I really do not know at this point.) I’ve had some experience teaching interns and clerks when I was doing my residency. But this is the first time that I will be handling teenagers! I think of this as a new challenge I am ready to face.

I have just discovered that this new job gives me additional power. In the past, when there was a disagreement between what I say and what Teacher said, guess who my children will believe? Of course, “That’s what Teacher said.” What they’re not saying is “You’re just my mom, she’s Teacher. So I believe her.” But now, I have that same title attached to my name.

Trixi and I have been disagreeing on something she says her teacher said. I tried to correct her but she just wouldn’t listen. She would insist on what Teacher said. When I tried to correct her again, as usual, she said, “But that’s what Teacher said!” So I pointed out to her that now, I, too, am a teacher. She thought for a while, then finally followed what I said. Hooray!