Lunch Buddy

For the past 8 years or so, I have had lunch most often with this guy whom I love very much. He’s cute and charming and he keeps mealtimes interesting with all his stories. Nope, it’s not Bong (even if he too is cute and charming) since he is usually out during the day for work. It’s my son Chino. I would have breakfast and dinner usually with Bong. But lunch was, more often than not, with Chino. It started with feeding him cereals as a baby, moving on to having mealtime quarrels with him as a toddler (he was a picky eater). Then when he started school, he would arrive shortly before I had lunch ready. That would be the time when he would tell me how school went, what new things he learned, why he got a star for the day, who got scolded in class. Eventually, Trixi joined this lunch routine. But last year, Trixi spent weekdays in her grandparents’ house, coming home only in the late afternoon, leaving Chino and me to ourselves. And on Saturdays, Chino and I go out for lunch at McDonald’s after his karate class.

Things will now have to change. He entered Grade 2 last week. His schedule now requires him to have lunch in school. I worry about not having control over what he eats. Will he eat enough? Will he like the food there? He might lose weight. These and so many more concerns occupy my thoughts. But more than that, I’ll miss having him around for lunch. I also don’t like the thought that pretty soon (sooner than I think, even if it’s still a couple of years away), Trixi, too, will be eating lunch in school. And I’ll be all alone for lunch.