Chino’s First Sleepover

In the seven years of Chino’s life, he has never slept apart from his parents, except for the time that I gave birth to Trixi. But tomorrow, that will change. He has been invited to his first sleep-over. Tito John and Tita Tintin graciously invited him over to their apartment to spend some time with them. Since the idea was first brought up sometime during the schoolyear, Chino has been looking forward to vacation. When the schoolyear ended, his first question was, “When can I go on my sleep-over?” Tomorrow is the big day. He’s all set. He packed his favorite book, toys and videos. His clothes are ready too. Now I wonder if I’m ready. Ready to face the fact that my little boy is not so little anymore.

Trixi says "Goodbye"

Two-year old Trixi has probably had it with goodbyes. She’s been hearing it so often but she doesn’t have the chance to use it on others. Papa says “goodbye” before leaving for work. Mama and Kuya say “goodbye” before going to Kuya’s karate lessons. How come I never get to leave anyone, she probably thinks. Well, this afternoon, she turned the tables on me. She picked up two bags, looked at me and said, “Mama, goodbye” and off she went to the kitchen. A few minutes later, she came back to me in the living room and kissed me. I asked her where she had been and she said “Clinic”. I can just imagine her thinking, “It’s your turn to have separation anxiety, Mama.”